We are THE leading supplier and installer of Sunken Trampolines. The company was set up by Joel Paul and Angus Macwatt, after both wanted to have a trampoline in their garden, but were not keen on the ugly eyesore that is often the above the ground netted alternative. They quickly realized the benefits of sinking a trampoline – it is a far more attractive object in a garden due to the fact that its surface is level with the ground, meaning less loss of space – a vital consideration when this is often at a premium. Sinking a trampoline means that netting can be removed, a lid can even be fitted,  and perhaps decking or easygrass can be added to provide an all year round surround which maintains an excellent level of safety – the alternatives are endless! It allows children to access it simply and enables them to discover its full potential. Joel and Angus are continually amazed and amused by the variety and number of games their children come up with, all of which would not be possible on an ugly above the ground structure.

As the company has grown Sunken Trampolines has become more aware of the benefits of their product as a hugely beneficial accessory for schools and institutions that care for children with special needs of all kinds. Sunken Trampolines is now actively working with schools and councils to help them improve their structured play areas and providing them with a safe and beautiful platform to introduce beneficial health improvement techniques such as “Rebound Therapy”. Further information on “Rebound Therapy” can be accessed on their website: www.reboundtherapy.org

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